Kazuyoshi Miura date of birth:

July 27, 1947

How old was Kazuyoshi Miura when died?


Where was Kazuyoshi Miura born?

Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

When did Kazuyoshi Miura die?

October 10, 2008

Where did Kazuyoshi Miura die?

Los Angeles, California, United States

Kazuyoshi Miura body shape:


What color are Kazuyoshi Miura's eyes?


What color is Kazuyoshi Miura's hair?

Salt and Pepper

Is Kazuyoshi Miura gay or straight?


What is Kazuyoshi Miura's ethnicity?


What is Kazuyoshi Miura nationality?


What is Kazuyoshi Miura's occupation?

Trading Merchant

Short Biography

Kazuyoshi Miura (三浦 和義, Miura Kazuyoshi, July 27, 1947 – October 10, 2008) was a Japanese businessman, who was accused of being involved in the killing of his wife, Kazumi Miura. The prolonged legal battle, lasting decades, ended when he presumably committed suicide in October 2008.