Kelly Anne Lyons date of birth:

March 17, 1985

How old is Kelly Anne Lyons?


Where was Kelly Anne Lyons born?

New Jersey, United States

Kelly Anne Lyons body shape:


What color are Kelly Anne Lyons's eyes?


What color is Kelly Anne Lyons's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Kelly Anne Lyons gay or straight?


What is Kelly Anne Lyons's ethnicity?


What is Kelly Anne Lyons nationality?


What is Kelly Anne Lyons's occupation?

Actress, television presenter, writer, model

Short Biography

Kelly-Anne Lyons (born 17 March 1985) is an American actress, television presenter, writer and model. Lyons' breakthrough role was as the female lead, Kelly-Anne Manhattan, in the BBC comedy Dick and Dom's Funny Business. Before this, Lyons played the title role in Chelsey: OMG!, produced by British comedy and entertainment company Channel X. She is known for her characters in hidden camera sketch shows such as ITV1’s "Fool Britannia" with Dom Joly and BBC1’s "Richard Hammond’s Secret Service", as well as MTV’s "Flash Prank", Channel 5 (UK) ’s "Secret Interview", and National Geographic’s "Ape Man". She plays news anchor "Felicity Bond" in the BAFTA nominated BBC comedy "DNN" and "Tess" in BBC’s sitcom "Badults".