What is Labrandon Shead's middle name?


What is Labrandon Shead's full name?

LaBrandon McWilliam Shead

Labrandon Shead nickname(s):

LaBrandon McWilliam Shead, LaBrandon Shead, Lb

Labrandon Shead date of birth:

February 20, 1986

How old is Labrandon Shead?


Where was Labrandon Shead born?

Denver, Colorado, USA

How tall is Labrandon Shead?

6' 1" (185 cm)

What is Labrandon Shead nationality?


Where did Labrandon Shead go to university?

University of Nevada-Las Vegas

What is Labrandon Shead's occupation?


Who is Labrandon Shead's father?

Mack Shead

Short Biography

LaBrandon Shead is an artist to be on the lookout for. Through his acting, he has discovered what he has wanted to give to the world, to empower, inspire and thrill the world through art. LaBrandon pursues truth in all that he does and attributes much of his creativity to his upbringing.As a kid, he knew nothing about the art form of acting. All he knew was how thrilled he would get when he would make my parents laugh. Most of his creativity came from simply watching his parents interact with one another. His parents had a way of smiling through even the more tough times growing up. He became more optimistic in that light.Born in Denver, Colorado and being a part of a close knit family, LaBrandon developed a strong work ethic early in life. Many of these early years were spent working alongside his father Mack Shead in their family restaurant M&D;'s. LaBrandon discovered what hard work was working at a early age. Family life was always light and full of support. Entering high school, LaBrandon understood the importance of a meaningful education, but predominantly growing up in a sports oriented family, he took to sports naturally. Not until LaBrandon's last year in high school did he discover his immense passion for acting performing a "Steve Urkel" skit in a talent show.After graduation, LaBrandon attended the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. As a fine arts major, and began fine tuning his work in stage productions. Any opportunity that emerged in an audition, LaBrandon was there. Training under professional actors, changed the way LaBrandon approached his work. LaBrandon then decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue his passion.With a solid work ethic LaBrandon landed his first lead role in the legendary producer Roger Cormans movie "Stealing Las Vegas" directed by Francisco Menendez.