What is Lady Rizo's full name?

Amelia Zirin-Brown

Lady Rizo nickname(s):

Rizo, Lady Rizo

Lady Rizo body shape:


What color are Lady Rizo's eyes?


What color is Lady Rizo's hair?


Is Lady Rizo gay or straight?


What is Lady Rizo's ethnicity?


What is Lady Rizo nationality?


What is Lady Rizo's occupation?

Singer, Actress, Comedian

Short Biography

Lady Rizo (aka Amelia Zirin-Brown) is a comedienne and chanteuse who began performing in New York in 2004. In 2005 she co-created the cult caburlesque show "Lady Rizo and the Assettes" with her close friend and dancer, Amber Star. Coining the word 'caburlesque', the show drew inspiration from theater, vaudeville, burlesque, cabaret and performance art. While the glammed up Lady Rizo sings largely vintage arrangements of 80s and 90s pop songs, the Assettes, made up of both men and women, perform cheeky and sexually charged burlesque acts. She continues to perform with the Assettes but has also gone on to have a solo residency at Joe's Pub entitled "Lady Rizo: Unescorted", that began in the winter of 2009. At the Unescorted show, Lady Rizo continues to bring her signature glamorous diva style to the stage as she further explores her musical influences.