What is Lady Tree's middle name?


What is Lady Tree's full name?

Helen Maud Holt

Lady Tree nickname(s):

Mrs Beerbohm Tree, Lady Tree, Helen Maud Holt

Lady Tree date of birth:

October 5, 1858

How old was Lady Tree when died?


Where was Lady Tree born?

London, England, UK

When did Lady Tree die?

August 7, 1937

Where did Lady Tree die?

University College Hospital, London

Why did Lady Tree die?

Complications from surgery

Lady Tree body shape:


Is Lady Tree gay or straight?


What is Lady Tree's ethnicity?


What is Lady Tree nationality?


Where did Lady Tree go to school?

Queen's College, London.

What is Lady Tree's occupation?


Who is Lady Tree's father?

William Holt

Lady Tree family:

Iris Tree (daughter) (poet), Felicity Tree (daughter) (actress), Viola Tree (daughter) (actress)

Short Biography

Helen Maud Holt (5 October 1863 – 7 August 1937), professionally known as Mrs Beerbohm Tree and later Lady Tree, was an English actress. She was the wife of the actor Herbert Beerbohm Tree and the mother of Viola Tree, Felicity Tree and Iris Tree.