What is Laura Alicia Summers's middle name?


What is Laura Alicia Summers's full name?

Laura-Alicia Emma Summers

Laura Alicia Summers nickname(s):

Larissa Summers, Laura-Alicia Summers, Laura Alicia Summers

Laura Alicia Summers date of birth:

September 5, 1984

How old is Laura Alicia Summers?


Where was Laura Alicia Summers born?

Manchester, England, United Kingdom

How tall is Laura Alicia Summers?

5' 5" (165 cm)

How much does Laura Alicia Summers weigh?

94 lbs (42.6 kg)

Laura Alicia Summers body shape:


What color are Laura Alicia Summers's eyes?


What color is Laura Alicia Summers's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Laura Alicia Summers gay or straight?


What is Laura Alicia Summers's ethnicity?


What is Laura Alicia Summers nationality?


What is Laura Alicia Summers's occupation?

Glamour Model, Actress, Reality Television Personality

Laura Alicia Summers claim to fame:

Ex On The Beach, Alleged transgendered page 3 girl

Laura Alicia Summers body measurements:


Short Biography

Larissa`s full name is Laura-Alicia Emma Summers, but the News of the World alleged that she was born Darren Michael Pratt in Nottingham City Hospital on September 5, 1984 to mum Margaret and electrician dad Barry.This caused scandal a major scandal as she was also linked to England rugby star, Danny Cipriani.Larissa has refuted this on her official website claiming, "know the papers have said some pretty f*cked up stuff about me and let me tell you IT’S NOT TRUE .. i mean anyone who nows me or have ever met me knows the truth !"Larissa starting modeling at age 18 and has become red-hot on the London modeling circuit. She has appeared in men`s magazine`s NUTS and Zoo, among countless others. Since then, she has landed telly work, appearing in Living TV`s Dirty Cows and new Channel Four show Vanity Lair. Larissa also appears in Jamelia`s Beware of the Dog with former flame Bili from Big Brother.