Laura Jansen date of birth:

March 4, 1977

How old is Laura Jansen?


Where was Laura Jansen born?

Breda, Netherlands

Laura Jansen body shape:


What color are Laura Jansen's eyes?


What color is Laura Jansen's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Laura Jansen gay or straight?


What is Laura Jansen's ethnicity?


What is Laura Jansen nationality?


What is Laura Jansen's occupation?


What genre is Laura Jansen's work?

Pop, Indie pop

What instruments does Laura Jansen play?

Vocals, Piano

Short Biography

Laura Jansen (born 4 March 1977 in Breda) is a Dutch-American musician. Before gaining fame in the Netherlands, Jansen became a fixture in the constellation of artists associated with Los Angeles nightclub Hotel Café – a national launching pad for artists as Sara Bareilles, Priscilla Ahn, and Joshua Radin. As daughter of an American mother and Dutch father, Laura has been living in the United States for over 10 years.