What is Laureen Nussbaum's full name?

Hannelore Klein

Laureen Nussbaum nickname(s):


Laureen Nussbaum date of birth:

August 3, 1927

How old is Laureen Nussbaum?


Where was Laureen Nussbaum born?

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Is Laureen Nussbaum gay or straight?


What religion is Laureen Nussbaum?


What is Laureen Nussbaum's occupation?

Academic, professor, writer, lecturer

Laureen Nussbaum claim to fame:

Holocaust survivor

Laureen Nussbaum sister(s):


Laureen Nussbaum friends:

Margot Frank

Short Biography

Hannelore "Hansi" Klein (Laureen Nussbaum) was exactly midway in age between Anne and Margot. Hansi was an exception among those who knew Anne - she was rather indifferent about Anne, idolizing Anne's sister Margot instead. But Anne, Hansi, and Hansi's two sisters performed in a holiday play about a vain princess who is punished with a long nose for her vanity, until she sees the error of her ways. Anne played the princess, and Hansi noted that she played the role to perfection, and had "natural charisma". Most people felt that Margot was the more beautiful of the Frank sisters, but Hansi observed that Anne, in her opinion, was prettier than Margot because "she was always smiling". Aside from those anecdotes, however, Hansi thought of Anne primarily as a noisy chatterbox, and "a shrimp", and she was surprised and impressed with Anne's inner depth upon reading the diary much later. Hansi married a young physician after the war and, upon emigrating to America, changed her first name to "Laureen", and ultimately became a professor of foreign literature and languages at Portland State University.