What is Laurie Anderson's middle name?


What is Laurie Anderson's full name?

Laura Phillips Anderson

Laurie Anderson date of birth:

June 5, 1947

How old is Laurie Anderson?


Where was Laurie Anderson born?

Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Laurie Anderson body shape:


What color are Laurie Anderson's eyes?


What color is Laurie Anderson's hair?


Laurie Anderson distinctive features:

Short, spiky black hair

Is Laurie Anderson gay or straight?


What is Laurie Anderson's ethnicity?


What is Laurie Anderson nationality?


Where did Laurie Anderson go to school?

Glenbard West High School in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Where did Laurie Anderson go to university?

Mills College in California , BA Art History, Barnard College (1966-69), Columbia University for a MFA in sculpture

What is Laurie Anderson's occupation?

Experimental performance artist, composer and musician

Laurie Anderson claim to fame:

O Superman

What genre is Laurie Anderson's work?

Experimental, art rock, pop

What instruments does Laurie Anderson play?

Violin, synclavier, percussion, vocals, keyboards

Laurie Anderson agent:

Nova Concerts, LocoLobo Events

Laurie Anderson commercials and brand endorsements:

TV commercial for Ford, the song "Bright Red" being used.