What is Lennox Raphael's full name?

Lennox Alison Raphael

Lennox Raphael date of birth:

September 17, 1939

How old is Lennox Raphael?


Where was Lennox Raphael born?

Trinidad, West Indies

What is Lennox Raphael's ethnicity?


What is Lennox Raphael nationality?

Trinidadian Tobagonian

What is Lennox Raphael's occupation?

Journalist, Poet, Playwright

Lennox Raphael claim to fame:


Short Biography

Lennox Raphael (born September 17, 1939 in Trinidad, West Indies) is a journalist, poet, and playwright. His writings have been published in Negro Digest, American Dialog, New Black Poetry, Natural Process and Freedomways. A long-time resident of New York City, Raphael currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.