Where was Lenora May born?

Queens, New York, USA

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When a Stranger Calls

Short Biography

Lenora is a native New Yorker. Queens to be precise. Always singing and dancing, she earned a BFA in theatre from the University of Miami. Starring in many stage productions such as Emily in "Our Town", she originated the role of Bianca in "Leave Of Absence" which became the first college production to perform at the New Dramatists Theatre in NYC. Fellow classmates co-star included actor Ray Liotta. After graduating, she moved back to NY and began acting professionally. Starting with commercials and theatre, she then caught a break starring in "Jaws II". Eventually arriving in LA where she starred in her first of many TV episodics, "Little House on the Prairie", "Island Son", "Cop Rock", and most recently, "ER" and "Medium" to name a few. Lenora has starred in several in TV movies such as "Fantasies", "Living Proof" and "Hobson's Choice". Lenora's range stretches from drama to comedy in such films as "House II" and "When a Stranger Calls" and most recently, "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and "Knifepoint".