Link Wray date of birth:

May 2, 1929

How old was Link Wray when died?


Where was Link Wray born?

Dunn, North Carolina, United States

When did Link Wray die?

November 5, 2005

How tall is Link Wray?

5' 7" (170 cm)

What is Link Wray nationality?


What is Link Wray's occupation?

Musician, songwriter

What genre is Link Wray's work?

Rock and roll, rockabilly, roots rock, country, instrumental rock, surf rock, proto-punk

What instruments does Link Wray play?

Guitar, vocals, steel guitar, bass guitar

Short Biography

Fred Lincoln 'Link' Wray, Jr. (May 2, 1929 – November 5, 2005), was an American rock and roll guitarist, songwriter and vocalist who first came to popularity in the late 1950s.