What is Lisa Stroud's middle name?


What is Lisa Stroud's full name?

Lisa Celeste Stroud

Lisa Stroud nickname(s):

Lisa Celeste Stroud, Lisa Stroud, Simone, Lisa Simone

Lisa Stroud date of birth:

September 12, 1962

How old is Lisa Stroud?


Lisa Stroud body shape:


What color are Lisa Stroud's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Lisa Stroud's hair?

Brown - Light

Is Lisa Stroud gay or straight?


What is Lisa Stroud's ethnicity?


What is Lisa Stroud nationality?


What is Lisa Stroud's occupation?


Lisa Stroud claim to fame:

Daughter of Nina Simone

What genre is Lisa Stroud's work?

R&b;, Neo Soul, Traditional Pop, Jazz, Folk, Acid Jazz, Broadway theatre

What instruments does Lisa Stroud play?


Who is Lisa Stroud's father?

Andy Stroud

Who is Lisa Stroud's mother?

Nina Simone

Short Biography

Lisa Celeste Stroud (born September 12, 1962), known by her stage name, Simone, is an American singer and actress, known for her work in the Broadway theatre field. She is the daughter of the late American vocalist and civil rights activist Nina Simone.