What is Lola Lane's full name?

Dorothy Mullican

Lola Lane date of birth:

May 21, 1906

How old was Lola Lane when died?


Where was Lola Lane born?

Macy, Indiana

When did Lola Lane die?

June 22, 1981

Where did Lola Lane die?

Santa Barbara, California

Why did Lola Lane die?

Inflamation of Arteries

How tall is Lola Lane?

5' 1¾" (157 cm)

Lola Lane body shape:


What color is Lola Lane's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Lola Lane gay or straight?


What is Lola Lane's ethnicity?


What is Lola Lane nationality?


What is Lola Lane's occupation?


Lola Lane claim to fame:

One of the Lane Sisters

Lola Lane sister(s):

Priscilla Lane, Rosemary Lane, Leota Lane

Lola Lane friends:

Mae Clarke, Claudia Dell

Short Biography

An American singer and actress. With her sisters Rosemary, Priscilla and Leota, she was a member of the vocal group, The Lane Sisters.