Loomis Dean date of birth:

September 19, 1917

How old was Loomis Dean when died?


Where was Loomis Dean born?


When did Loomis Dean die?

December 7, 2005

Where did Loomis Dean die?

Sonoma, California

Why did Loomis Dean die?


Is Loomis Dean gay or straight?


What is Loomis Dean's ethnicity?


What is Loomis Dean nationality?


What is Loomis Dean's occupation?

Life Magazine Photographer

Short Biography

Loomis Dean (September 19, 1917 – December 7, 2005) was a veteran Life Magazine photographer who shot pictures of circus clowns, crown princes, Hollywood stars, Madagascar lemurs and SS Andrea Doria survivors in a five-decade long career. His low-key manner disarmed his subjects and put them at ease, enabling Dean capture such images as the Prince of Liechtenstein in his long johns and Noël Coward in a tuxedo in the desert.