What is Lorna Paz's full name?

Lorna María Cepeda Jimenez

Lorna Paz date of birth:

November 18, 1970

How old is Lorna Paz?


Where was Lorna Paz born?

Cartagena, Colombia

Lorna Paz body shape:


What color are Lorna Paz's eyes?


What color is Lorna Paz's hair?

Dyed Blonde

Is Lorna Paz gay or straight?


What is Lorna Paz's ethnicity?


What is Lorna Paz nationality?


What is Lorna Paz's occupation?


Lorna Paz claim to fame:

Padres e hijos

Short Biography

Lorna María Cepeda Jiménez, better known as Lorna Paz, is a Colombian actress. She was born on November 18, 1970 in the city of Cartagena, Colombia. Best known for her role in the famous Colombian Soap Opera Yo soy Betty, la fea (I'm Betty, the ugly one), also known as simply Betty la fea (Ugly Betty) from which more than a dozen versions have been made in other countries, including the American Ugly Betty.