What is Lorne Michaels's full name?

Lorne Michael Lipowitz

Lorne Michaels date of birth:

November 17, 1944

How old is Lorne Michaels?


Where was Lorne Michaels born?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

How tall is Lorne Michaels?

5' 7" (170 cm)

Lorne Michaels body shape:


What color are Lorne Michaels's eyes?


What color is Lorne Michaels's hair?


Is Lorne Michaels gay or straight?


What religion is Lorne Michaels?


What is Lorne Michaels's ethnicity?


What is Lorne Michaels nationality?


Where did Lorne Michaels go to school?

Forest Hill Collegiate highschool in Forest Hill

Where did Lorne Michaels go to university?

BA, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (1966), Honorary Doctorate from Ryerson University for his contribution to the television industry.

What is Lorne Michaels's occupation?

Producer, Actor, Writer

Lorne Michaels claim to fame:

Producer of Saturday Night Live

Lorne Michaels agent:

Creative Artists Agency

Short Biography

Lorne Michaels CM (born Lorne Lipowitz; November 17, 1944) is a Canadian-American television producer, writer, comedian, and actor, best known for creating and producing Saturday Night Live, and producing the Late Night series (since 1993), and The Tonight Show (since 2014).