What is Louise Cliffe's middle name?


What is Louise Cliffe's full name?

Louise Sylvia Cliffe

Louise Cliffe date of birth:

December 9, 1985

How old is Louise Cliffe?


Where was Louise Cliffe born?

Manchester, England, UK

How tall is Louise Cliffe?

5' 9" (175 cm)

Louise Cliffe body shape:


What color are Louise Cliffe's eyes?


What color is Louise Cliffe's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Louise Cliffe gay or straight?


What religion is Louise Cliffe?

Roman Catholic

What is Louise Cliffe's ethnicity?


What is Louise Cliffe nationality?


What is Louise Cliffe's occupation?

Actress, singer, writer and model

Louise Cliffe claim to fame:

Miss Manchester 2006, Miss Maxim UK 2007

What is Louise Cliffe's dress size?


What is Louise Cliffe's shoe size?

5 (UK) 7 (USA)

Short Biography

Louise Cliffe is a British actress, singer, writer and model. Although much of her career has been in the UK, she started to appear in US productions as of 2009. She is best known for playing the role of Sophie Delaney in the horror film Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead. She was a contestant on 2011 UK series of Big Brother. Louise is also known for winning Miss Manchester in 2006.