What is Lucho González's full name?

Luis Óscar González

Lucho González date of birth:

January 19, 1981

How old is Lucho González?


Where was Lucho González born?

Buenos Aires, Argentina

How tall is Lucho González?

6' 1" (185 cm)

Lucho González body shape:


What color are Lucho González's eyes?


What color is Lucho González's hair?


What is Lucho González's ethnicity?


What is Lucho González nationality?


What is Lucho González's occupation?

Football Player

Lucho González claim to fame:

Team: Marseille

Short Biography

Luis Óscar "Lucho" González (born 19 January 1981) is an Argentine professional footballer who plays for Club Atlético River Plate. A versatile midfielder who is able to play in different positions but mainly in the centre, he is well known for his fierce shot, passing skills and hardworking style, being affectionately known as El Comandante (the commander) due to his leadership skills.