What is Lucy Boynton's middle name?


What is Lucy Boynton's full name?

Lucy Christabel Boynton

Lucy Boynton nickname(s):

Lucy Boynton, Lucy Christabel Boynton, Lucinda

Lucy Boynton date of birth:

January 17, 1994

How old is Lucy Boynton?


Where was Lucy Boynton born?

London, England

Lucy Boynton body shape:


What color are Lucy Boynton's eyes?


What color is Lucy Boynton's hair?

Brown - Dark

What is Lucy Boynton's ethnicity?


What is Lucy Boynton nationality?


Where did Lucy Boynton go to school?

Blackheath High School

What is Lucy Boynton's occupation?


Lucy Boynton claim to fame:

Miss Potter

Who is Lucy Boynton's father?

Graham Boynton

Who is Lucy Boynton's mother?

Adriaane Pielou

Lucy Boynton sister(s):

Emma Louise Boynton

Short Biography

Lucy Boynton was born in 17 January 1994 in London, England as Lucy Christabel Boynton. She is an actress, known for Miss Potter (2006), Ballet Shoes (2007) and Mo (2010).Trivia (3)Attends James Allen's Girls' School (JAGS), a private school in London.Has an elder sister, Emma Louise Boynton.Was the lead actress in Saint Raymonds Music Video for 'Fall At Your Feet'.