Ludwig Friedländer date of birth:

July 16, 1824

How old was Ludwig Friedländer when died?


Where was Ludwig Friedländer born?

Konigsberg, Germany

When did Ludwig Friedländer die?

December 16, 1909

Where did Ludwig Friedländer die?

Strasbourg, France

Ludwig Friedländer body shape:


What color is Ludwig Friedländer's hair?

Salt and Pepper

Is Ludwig Friedländer gay or straight?


What religion is Ludwig Friedländer?


What is Ludwig Friedländer's ethnicity?


What is Ludwig Friedländer nationality?


What is Ludwig Friedländer's occupation?


Short Biography

Ludwig Henrich Friedlaender (July 16, 1824 Königsberg – December 16, 1909 Straßburg, German Empire) was a German philologist. He was one of the preeminent scholars of Ancient Rome of his time and is known for his research on Roman daily life and customs. He was a Professor at Albertina and served as its Rector 1865/66 and 1874/5. He was also a member of the House of Lords.