Mami Yamasaki date of birth:

September 20, 1985

How old is Mami Yamasaki?


Where was Mami Yamasaki born?

Osaka, Japan

How tall is Mami Yamasaki?

5' 6½" (169 cm)

Mami Yamasaki body shape:


What color are Mami Yamasaki's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Mami Yamasaki's hair?


What is Mami Yamasaki's ethnicity?


What is Mami Yamasaki nationality?


What is Mami Yamasaki's occupation?


Mami Yamasaki body measurements:


Short Biography

Mami Yamasaki (山崎 真実, Yamasaki Mami, born September 20, 1985) from Osaka is a Japanese gravure idol, or bikini model, and actress. Her photos frequently show her in provocative poses. Yamasaki has done television commercials for the Japanese convenience stores Circle K and Sunkus, and appears in GoGo Sentai Boukenger as Shizuka of the Wind, a member of Dark Shadow and a principal villainess. She has also appeared on the Japanese television show Hey! Spring of Trivia. She is also to appear in Chō Ninja Tai Inazuma!! SPARK.