What is Mónica Dionne's full name?

Mónica Xochitl Dionne Lazo

Mónica Dionne date of birth:

February 7, 1967

How old is Mónica Dionne?


Where was Mónica Dionne born?

Waterbury, Connecticut, USA

How tall is Mónica Dionne?

5' 5¾" (167 cm)

What is Mónica Dionne nationality?


What is Mónica Dionne's occupation?


Short Biography

Mónica Xochitl Dionne Lazo is an American actress born in Waterbury, Connecticut on February 7, 1967. She is of Mexican descent. Dionne is best known for her roles in telenovelas produced by TV Azteca. She also acted in movies such as Sexo, pudor y lágrimas where she played the role of "María".