What is Marcelo Yu's full name?

Marcelo Yu

Marcelo Yu nickname(s):

Marcelo Yu

Where was Marcelo Yu born?


How tall is Marcelo Yu?

5' 9" (175 cm)

What is Marcelo Yu nationality?


What is Marcelo Yu's occupation?


Short Biography

Marcelo Yu is an experienced film and stage actor who discovered his passion for acting at a very early age. When his family migrated to Argentina from China, Marcelo participated in school plays and dance choreographies to fuel his love for the performing arts. Speaking fluent Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, and Shangnainese Marcelo received his degree in Business Administration from Indiana University while enrolled in numerous acting classes. With acting becoming the dominant passion he moved to Los Angeles where he continued his training at Stella Adler's Art of Acting Studio and the New York Film Academy. Learning and working with industry professionals such as Adam Nimoy, Seamus Dever and Valerie Hubbard, Marcelo has vast experience as an actor.