What is Mario Almada's full name?

Mario Almada Otero

Mario Almada nickname(s):

Mario Almada Otero, Mario Almada

Mario Almada date of birth:

January 7, 1922

How old was Mario Almada when died?


Where was Mario Almada born?

Huatabampo, Sonora, Mexico

When did Mario Almada die?

October 4, 2016

What is Mario Almada nationality?


What is Mario Almada's occupation?

Actor, Film producer

Mario Almada brother(s):

Fernando Almada Otero (actor & producer), Horacio Almada Otero (actor)

Short Biography

Mario Almada Otero (born January 7, 1922) is a Mexican actor with a career lasting over seven decades. He has appeared in over 300 films. He is most known for his roles in urban westerns and action pictures. He is the brother of actor Fernando Almada.