What is Marissa Delgado's full name?

Efipania Boyle

Marissa Delgado nickname(s):

Marissa Delgado, Efipania Boyle

Marissa Delgado date of birth:


How old is Marissa Delgado?


Marissa Delgado body shape:


What color are Marissa Delgado's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Marissa Delgado's hair?

Brown - Dark

What is Marissa Delgado's ethnicity?


What is Marissa Delgado nationality?


What is Marissa Delgado's occupation?


Marissa Delgado claim to fame:

Playboy USA in 1968

Short Biography

Marissa Delgado was born as Efipania Boyle. She is an actress, known for Be Careful with My Heart (2012), Bona (1980) and Santa Claus Is Coming to Town! (1982).Trivia (2)Showbiz best friend is Marilou Ver.The first Filipina to pose nude in Playboy. She was featured in Playboy USA in 1968.