Marius Yo date of birth:

March 30, 2000

How old is Marius Yo?


Where was Marius Yo born?

Heidelberg, Germany

How tall is Marius Yo?

5' 10¼" (178 cm)

Marius Yo body shape:


What color are Marius Yo's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Marius Yo's hair?


Is Marius Yo gay or straight?


What is Marius Yo's ethnicity?


What is Marius Yo nationality?


What is Marius Yo's occupation?

Singer, actor

Short Biography

Marius Yo (マリウス 葉 Yo Mariusu, born March 30, 2000) is a quarter Japanese, quarter Chinese and half German, singer, songwriter, actor, and tarento under Johnny & Associates and Pony Canyon. He is a member of the Japanese idol group Sexy Zone. Born in Heidelberg, Germany, his father is German and his mother is former Japanese/ Chinese Takarazuka Revue actress, Akira Yo.