What is Marjorie Bernard's full name?

Marjorie Bernard

Marjorie Bernard nickname(s):

Marjorie Bernard

Where was Marjorie Bernard born?

Long Beach, California USA

What is Marjorie Bernard nationality?


What is Marjorie Bernard's occupation?


Short Biography

Hometown:Long Beach, CaliforniaYour school and countryVirtual High School U.S.Your Role in Flat ConnectionsstudentAbout Me:Hi, my name is Marjorie and I don't follow my dreams, I chase them.I'm working hard to live those dreams of becoming a performer.Singer since I was 3, Actress since I was 9, Dancer since I was 10, and Model since I was 13.Watch, TiVo, or DVR "Without A Trace" on CBS Nov. 18, 2008 @ 8 and look out for me! This is my first guest starring role, and I hope only bigger and better things are going to come my way.You can try to break and make me fall apart, but the fire's in my heart. You don't have to support me or like me, but that doesn't mean you can change me. I am who I am and I wont base my life on other people's expectations.Blog: