Mary Schneider date of birth:

October 25, 1932

How old is Mary Schneider?


Where was Mary Schneider born?


What is Mary Schneider nationality?


What is Mary Schneider's occupation?

singer, performer

What genre is Mary Schneider's work?

Country/ Yodelling

Short Biography

Mary Schneider AM, (25 October 1932, Rockhampton, Queensland) is an Australian singer, songwriter and performer, who is a master at the classic Swiss Alpine style, she is best known for yodelling the works of various standards by many a classic composer. Her repertoire has covered everything from yodelling of classical music pieces to marches and European folk music tunes. Her daughter is the ARIA Award winning singer songwriter Melinda Schneider is also an Australian country music entertainer and performer. She mainly appears in club and pub venues around Australia, as well as overseas, but has also performed at many arena venues. She performed with her sister Rita Schneider, as part of The Schneider Sisters singing duo.