Mats Olausson date of birth:


How old was Mats Olausson when died?


Where was Mats Olausson born?

Gothenburg, Sweden

When did Mats Olausson die?

February 18, 2015

Mats Olausson body shape:


What color are Mats Olausson's eyes?

Brown - Light

What color is Mats Olausson's hair?

Brown - Dark

What is Mats Olausson's ethnicity?


What is Mats Olausson nationality?


What is Mats Olausson's occupation?

Keyboardist, Musician, Producer, Composer

Mats Olausson claim to fame:

Keyboardist of Yngwie Malsmsteen

Short Biography

Mats Johan Olausson (1961 – 18 February 2015) was a Swedish keyboard player known from bands such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Ark, Evil Masquerade, Kamelot, John Norum, and many others. Recently he lived in Thailand where he was active as a musician, composer and producer. Olausson played Korg Trinity Pro Tri PBS and Yamaha SY-99, SY-77, CS-80. In the studio he also used a grand piano, Hammond B-3 or C-3. He was born in Gothenburg, Sweden.