Maysa Leak nickname(s):


Maysa Leak date of birth:

August 17, 1966

How old is Maysa Leak?


Where was Maysa Leak born?

Baltimore, MD

What is Maysa Leak's ethnicity?


What is Maysa Leak nationality?


Where did Maysa Leak go to school?

Milford Mill High School, MD

Where did Maysa Leak go to university?

Morgan State University, MD

What is Maysa Leak's occupation?

Singer, record producer

Maysa Leak claim to fame:

Background vocalist with Stevie Wonder and Lead Singer with Incognito

What genre is Maysa Leak's work?

Jazz, R&B, soul, Soul

Short Biography

Maysa Leak (born August 17, 1966) is an American jazz singer better known by her mononym Maysa. She is well known by fans of smooth jazz both for her solo work and for her work with the British band Incognito.