What is Michael Robbins's full name?

Michael Anthony Robbins

Michael Robbins date of birth:

November 14, 1930

How old was Michael Robbins when died?


Where was Michael Robbins born?

London, England

When did Michael Robbins die?

December 11, 1992

Where did Michael Robbins die?

Caterham, Surrey, England, UK

Michael Robbins body shape:


What color is Michael Robbins's hair?


What is Michael Robbins's ethnicity?


What is Michael Robbins nationality?


What is Michael Robbins's occupation?


Michael Robbins claim to fame:

One Foot in the Grave

Short Biography

Michael Anthony Robbins (14 November 1930 – 11 December 1992) was an English actor and comedian best known for his on-going role as Arthur Rudge in the TV sitcom and film versions of On the Buses (1969–72).