Michele Santopietro date of birth:

July 7, 1971

How old is Michele Santopietro?


Where was Michele Santopietro born?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Michele Santopietro body shape:


What color is Michele Santopietro's hair?


What is Michele Santopietro's ethnicity?


What is Michele Santopietro nationality?


What is Michele Santopietro's occupation?


Michele Santopietro claim to fame:

Law & Order

Short Biography

Michele Santopietro is an American actress of Italian and German descent born in September 1978. She is probably best known for her recurring character JoJo Palmice on HBO's The Sopranos, from seasons 1 through to 4. Santopietro has also had guest lead appearances on television shows such as Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, Sex and the City and the CBS television series New York News.