What is Mora Godoy's full name?

Mora Godoy

Mora Godoy date of birth:

June 30, 1972

How old is Mora Godoy?


Where was Mora Godoy born?

La Plata, Argentina

Mora Godoy body shape:


What color is Mora Godoy's hair?


Is Mora Godoy gay or straight?


What religion is Mora Godoy?

Roman Catholic

What is Mora Godoy's ethnicity?


What is Mora Godoy nationality?


Where did Mora Godoy go to university?

Teatro Colon Bailarina Clásica del Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colón, Danza Clásica

What is Mora Godoy's occupation?

Dancer, Choreographer, Director, Producer

Short Biography

Mora Godoy represents the best of tango-dance. She brings together distinction, elegance and interpretation of tango, that expands all over the world.Dancer, choreographer, director and producer, she created memorable works as Tanguera, Chantecler Tango and Bailando Tango Remix. Mora Godoy has been multi awarded in Argentina and abroad; an artist who has stand out as symbol of argentinian tango.