Nándor Wagner date of birth:

October 7, 1922

How old was Nándor Wagner when died?


Where was Nándor Wagner born?

Oradea, Romania

When did Nándor Wagner die?

November 15, 1997

Where did Nándor Wagner die?

Mooka, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan

Nándor Wagner body shape:


What color is Nándor Wagner's hair?

Salt and Pepper

Is Nándor Wagner gay or straight?


What is Nándor Wagner's ethnicity?


What is Nándor Wagner nationality?


What is Nándor Wagner's occupation?


Short Biography

Nandor Wagner (Hungarian: Wagner Nándor, 7 October 1922 – 15 November 1997, Mooka (Mouka, Mōka) (Japanese: 真岡), nearby Mashiko, Tochigi) was a Hungarian artist and sculptor. He was the son of a dentist, born in Oradea (Hungarian: Nagyvárad), now Romania. Wagner studied at Budapest Art Academy before and after World War II. He had three art periods as living in Hungary (1945–56), Sweden (1956–71) and Japan (1972–97) respectively. He became well known for his novel cast stainless steel sculptures made in Sweden and Japan.