Oliver Ellsworth date of birth:

April 29, 1745

How old was Oliver Ellsworth when died?


Where was Oliver Ellsworth born?

Windsor, Connecticut, Thirteen Colonies, British Empire

When did Oliver Ellsworth die?

November 26, 1807

Where did Oliver Ellsworth die?

Windsor, Connecticut, USA

Oliver Ellsworth body shape:


What color is Oliver Ellsworth's hair?


What is Oliver Ellsworth's ethnicity?


What is Oliver Ellsworth nationality?


What is Oliver Ellsworth's occupation?

Government Politician

Oliver Ellsworth claim to fame:

The U.S. Supreme Court

Short Biography

Oliver Ellsworth (April 29, 1745 – November 26, 1807) was an American lawyer and politician, a revolutionary against British rule, a drafter of the United States Constitution, United States Senator from Connecticut, and the third Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. While at the Federal Convention, Ellsworth moved to strike the word National from the motion made by Edmund Randolph of Virginia. Randolph had moved successfully to call the government the National Government of United States. Ellsworth moved that the government should continue to be called the United States Government.