What is Paige Drummond's full name?

Paige Drummond

Paige Drummond nickname(s):

Paige Drummond

Paige Drummond date of birth:

October 31, 1999

How old is Paige Drummond?


Where was Paige Drummond born?

The Drummond Ranch, in northeast Oklahoma USA

Paige Drummond body shape:


What color are Paige Drummond's eyes?


What color is Paige Drummond's hair?

Brown - Light

What is Paige Drummond's ethnicity?


What is Paige Drummond nationality?


What is Paige Drummond's occupation?

Reality TV Star

Paige Drummond claim to fame:

The Pioneer Woman

Who is Paige Drummond's father?

Ladd Drummond

Who is Paige Drummond's mother?

Ree Drummond

Paige Drummond brother(s):

Bryce Drummond, Todd Drummond

Paige Drummond sister(s):

Alex Drummond

Paige Drummond family:

Chuck Drummond - grandfather

Short Biography

Paige DrummondSister of Alex Drummond, Bryce Drummond and Todd Drummond.Daughter of Ree Drummond and Ladd Drummond.