What is Paul Dahlke's full name?

Paul Victor Ernst Dahlke

Paul Dahlke date of birth:

April 12, 1904

How old was Paul Dahlke when died?


Where was Paul Dahlke born?

Gross Streitz, Province of Pomerania, Imperial Germany

When did Paul Dahlke die?

November 24, 1984

Where did Paul Dahlke die?

Salzburg, Austria

Why did Paul Dahlke die?

Heart Attack

Is Paul Dahlke gay or straight?


What is Paul Dahlke's ethnicity?


What is Paul Dahlke nationality?


What is Paul Dahlke's occupation?


Short Biography

Paul Victor Ernst Dahlke (April 12, 1904 – November 23, 1984) was a German stage and film actor.