What is Peter Paphides's full name?

Panayiotis Paphides

Peter Paphides nickname(s):

Pete Paphides

Peter Paphides date of birth:

July 18, 1969

How old is Peter Paphides?


Where was Peter Paphides born?

Birmingham, England

Peter Paphides body shape:


What color are Peter Paphides's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Peter Paphides's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Peter Paphides gay or straight?


What is Peter Paphides's ethnicity?


What is Peter Paphides nationality?


What is Peter Paphides's occupation?

Journalist, radio DJ, rock critic

Peter Paphides claim to fame:

BBC Radio, The Times, The Guardian.

Who is Peter Paphides's father?

Chris Paphides

Who is Peter Paphides's mother?

Victoria Paphides

Peter Paphides brother(s):

Aki Paphides

Peter Paphides family:

Eavie Paphides (daughter), Dora Paphides (daughter)

Short Biography

Peter Paphides (born 1969 as Panayiotis Paphides) is a British journalist and broadcaster.