What is Peyton Sawyer's middle name?


What is Peyton Sawyer's full name?

Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer

Peyton Sawyer nickname(s):

P. Sawyer, Peyton Marie Sawyer (PMS)

Peyton Sawyer date of birth:

July 12, 1988

How old is Peyton Sawyer?


Where was Peyton Sawyer born?

Tree Hill, North Carolina

How tall is Peyton Sawyer?

5' 8½" (174 cm)

Peyton Sawyer body shape:


What color are Peyton Sawyer's eyes?


What color is Peyton Sawyer's hair?


Is Peyton Sawyer gay or straight?


What is Peyton Sawyer's ethnicity?


What is Peyton Sawyer's occupation?

Music Producer

Peyton Sawyer claim to fame:

Red Bedroom Records

Who is Peyton Sawyer's father?

Larry Sawyer (adoptive father), Mick Wolf (Biological father)

Who is Peyton Sawyer's mother?

Anna Sawyer (adoptive mother), Ellie Harp (biological mother)

Peyton Sawyer brother(s):

Derek Sommers (half-brother)

Peyton Sawyer family:

Nathan Scott (brother-in-law), Haley James-Scott (sister-in-law), James Scott (nephew), Lydia Scott (niece)

Peyton Sawyer friends:

Brooke Davis, Rachel Gattina, Marvin McFadden, Millicent Huxtible, Haley James-Scott