What is Phyllis Calvert's full name?

Phyllis Hannah Bickle

Phyllis Calvert date of birth:

February 18, 1915

How old was Phyllis Calvert when died?


Where was Phyllis Calvert born?

London, England, UK

When did Phyllis Calvert die?

October 8, 2002

Where did Phyllis Calvert die?

London, England, UK

Why did Phyllis Calvert die?

Natural Causes

How tall is Phyllis Calvert?

5' 5" (165 cm)

Phyllis Calvert body shape:


What color are Phyllis Calvert's eyes?

Brown - Light

What color is Phyllis Calvert's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Phyllis Calvert gay or straight?


What is Phyllis Calvert's ethnicity?


What is Phyllis Calvert nationality?


Where did Phyllis Calvert go to school?

Margaret Morris School of Dance

What is Phyllis Calvert's occupation?


Phyllis Calvert claim to fame:

Madonna of the Seven Moons

Short Biography

Phyllis Calvert (18 February 1915 – 8 October 2002) was an English film, stage and television actress. She was one of the leading stars of the Gainsborough melodramas of the 1940s, and continued acting until some 50 years later.