Ralph Hammeras date of birth:

March 24, 1894

How old was Ralph Hammeras when died?


Where was Ralph Hammeras born?

Minneapolis, Minnesota

When did Ralph Hammeras die?

February 3, 1970

Where did Ralph Hammeras die?

Los Angeles, California

Why did Ralph Hammeras die?

Heart Attack

Is Ralph Hammeras gay or straight?


What is Ralph Hammeras's ethnicity?


What is Ralph Hammeras nationality?


What is Ralph Hammeras's occupation?

Special effects designer Cinematographer Art director

Short Biography

Ralph Hammeras (March 24, 1894 – February 3, 1970) was an American special effects designer, cinematographer and art director. He was nominated for three Academy Awards. He created a large-scale miniature of the city of London for the film The Sky Hawk, he also created special mechanical effects for it.