Richard Carruthers date of birth:

June 1, 1950

How old is Richard Carruthers?


Where was Richard Carruthers born?

Haddonfield, Illinois

Is Richard Carruthers gay or straight?


What religion is Richard Carruthers?


What is Richard Carruthers's ethnicity?


What is Richard Carruthers nationality?


Richard Carruthers family:

Darlene Carruthers (Wife), Rachel Carruthers (Daughter), Jamie Lloyd (Foster Daughter)

Short Biography

Richard and his wife Darlene Carruthers lived in Haddonfield where they used to hire Laurie Strode to babysit their young daughter Rachel. The Carruthers became very close to Laurie and when she and her husband died in a automobile accident, they adopted Laurie's daughter Jamie Lloyd. They grown very close to Jamie and tried their best to make her feel like family.On October 31, 1988 Richard and his wife had to attend a party that would possibly give him a promotion if things went well. Jamie's originally babysitter had to cancel so they were forced to have Rachel babysit, at first Rachel complained about how her night was ruined but Jamie happened to overhear everything. Richard told his daughter to stop thinking of herself all the time and try to make her sister feel better, telling her that Jamie needed all the love they could give her.