What is Richard Garland's full name?

Charles Richard Garland Jr.

Richard Garland date of birth:

July 7, 1927

How old was Richard Garland when died?


Where was Richard Garland born?

Mineral Wells, TX

When did Richard Garland die?

May 24, 1969

What is Richard Garland nationality?


What is Richard Garland's occupation?


Richard Garland claim to fame:

Attack of the Crab Monsters

Short Biography

In 1952, while working in the play "Dark of the Moon" at the Players' Ring Theatre in Hollywood, he met actress Beverly Garland and in August of that year married her. They divorced in 1956. Ironically, the following year Beverly's sci-fi film Not of This Earth (1957) was co-billed and released with Richard's sci-fi film Attack of the Crab Monsters (1957).His career faded as alcoholic problems grew and he died of related medical issues in 1969 at the untimely age of 41.