What is Richard McCourt's full name?

Richard McCourt

Richard McCourt date of birth:

August 12, 1976

How old is Richard McCourt?


Where was Richard McCourt born?

Sheffield, England

What color is Richard McCourt's hair?

Brown - Light

Is Richard McCourt gay or straight?


What is Richard McCourt's ethnicity?


What is Richard McCourt nationality?


What is Richard McCourt's occupation?

Actor, Presenter

Richard McCourt claim to fame:

dick and dom

Short Biography

Richard "Dick" McCourt (born 12 August 1976 in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England) is an English actor and presenter of radio and television, best known as one half of the comic duo Dick and Dom, with the other being Dominic Wood. McCourt is the godfather of Wood's two sons, Tommy and Sam. His older brother is fellow TV presenter James McCourt. He hosted CBBC on BBC One from 1996 and presented with Dominic Wood to form Dick and Dom from 2002-present