What is Rob Morrow's middle name?


What is Rob Morrow's full name?

Robert Alan Morrow

Rob Morrow nickname(s):

Dr. Joel Fleischman

Rob Morrow date of birth:

September 21, 1962

How old is Rob Morrow?


Where was Rob Morrow born?

New Rochelle, NY, USA

How tall is Rob Morrow?

5' 10" (178 cm)

Rob Morrow body shape:


What color is Rob Morrow's hair?


Is Rob Morrow gay or straight?


What religion is Rob Morrow?


What is Rob Morrow's ethnicity?


What is Rob Morrow nationality?


What is Rob Morrow's occupation?

Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Director

Rob Morrow claim to fame:

Fleischman on Northern Exposure, Numbers

Who is Rob Morrow's father?

Murray Morrow

Who is Rob Morrow's mother?

Diane Francis Markowitz

Short Biography

Robert Alan "Rob" Morrow (born September 21, 1962) is an American actor and director. He is known for his portrayal of Dr. Joel Fleischman on Northern Exposure, a role which garnered him three Golden Globe and two Emmy nominations for Best Actor in a Dramatic Series and later for his role as FBI agent Don Eppes on Numbers.