What is Robert FitzRoy's full name?

Robert FitzRoy

Robert FitzRoy date of birth:

July 5, 1805

How old was Robert FitzRoy when died?


Where was Robert FitzRoy born?

Ampton, Suffolk, England

When did Robert FitzRoy die?

April 30, 1865

Where did Robert FitzRoy die?

Upper Norwood, England

Why did Robert FitzRoy die?


Robert FitzRoy body shape:


What religion is Robert FitzRoy?


What is Robert FitzRoy's ethnicity?


What is Robert FitzRoy nationality?


What is Robert FitzRoy's occupation?

Pioneering meteorologist; Governor of New Zealand from 1843 to 1845

Robert FitzRoy claim to fame:

Captain of HMS Beagle during Charles Darwin's famous voyage

Who is Robert FitzRoy's father?

Lord Charles FitzRoy (British Army officer)

Robert FitzRoy brother(s):

Charles Augustus FitzRoy (half-brother)

Robert FitzRoy family:

Charles II of England (fourth great-grandpather), Augustus FitzRoy 3rd Duke of Grafton (grandfather), Robert O'Brien FitzRoy (son)

Who has Robert FitzRoy worked with?

Jeremy Button, Fuegia Basket

Short Biography

Vice-Admiral Robert FitzRoy RN (5 July 1805 – 30 April 1865) was an English officer of the Royal Navy and a scientist. He achieved lasting fame as the captain of HMS Beagle during Charles Darwin's famous voyage, FitzRoy's second expedition to Tierra del Fuego and the Southern Cone.