Robert Rauschenberg date of birth:

October 22, 1925

How old was Robert Rauschenberg when died?


Where was Robert Rauschenberg born?

Port Arthur, Texas, United States

When did Robert Rauschenberg die?

May 12, 2008

What is Robert Rauschenberg nationality?


What is Robert Rauschenberg's occupation?


Short Biography

Robert Rauschenberg (October 22, 1925 – May 12, 2008) was an American painter and graphic artist whose early works anticipated the pop art movement. Rauschenberg is well known for his "Combines" of the 1950s, in which non-traditional materials and objects were employed in innovative combinations. Rauschenberg was both a painter and a sculptor and the Combines are a combination of both, but he also worked with photography, printmaking, papermaking, and performance. He was awarded the National Medal of Arts in 1993. He became the recipient of the Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts in 1995 in recognition of his more than 40 years of fruitful artmaking.