What is Rodrigo Andreis Galvão's middle name?


Rodrigo Andreis Galvão date of birth:

November 5, 1978

How old is Rodrigo Andreis Galvão?


Where was Rodrigo Andreis Galvão born?

Sao Leopoldo, Brazil

How tall is Rodrigo Andreis Galvão?

5' 11" (180 cm)

Rodrigo Andreis Galvão body shape:


What color are Rodrigo Andreis Galvão's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Rodrigo Andreis Galvão's hair?

Brown - Dark

What is Rodrigo Andreis Galvão's ethnicity?


What is Rodrigo Andreis Galvão nationality?


What is Rodrigo Andreis Galvão's occupation?

Football player

Short Biography

Rodrigo Andreis Galvão (Chinese: 洛迪高 Rodrigo, born November 5, 1978 in São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil), also known as Rodrigo, is a Brazilian footballer, who is currently playing for Tarxien Rainbows F.C. Rodrigo has a high profile with previous experience in big clubs in Brazil. In 2007–2008, he was named as the Top Scorer of the Hong Kong Top Professional League, scoring 18 goals. After that experience, he left for ABC, which is a highly renomated team in Brazil and he also did well there, where he was a first team important player. At the beginning of the 2011–2012 season, Rodrigo flattered interest from Tarxien Rainbows F.C. from the Maltese Premier League and after some discussions, an agreement was reached between both parties to seal a one-year contract with the Rainbows.