Ronny Munroe date of birth:

November 22, 1965

How old is Ronny Munroe?


Where was Ronny Munroe born?

Tacoma, Washington, USA

Ronny Munroe body shape:


What color is Ronny Munroe's hair?


What is Ronny Munroe's ethnicity?


What is Ronny Munroe nationality?


What is Ronny Munroe's occupation?

Vocalist, Musician

Ronny Munroe claim to fame:

Lead singer of Metal Church

What genre is Ronny Munroe's work?

Heavy metal, Thrash metal, Progressive metal, Hard rock

Short Biography

Ronny Munroe is an American heavy metal singer, most noted as the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Metal Church from 2004 until the band broke up in 2009. His second tenure with the band lasted from 2012 when the group reunited until 2014, where he left to "pursue other interests". He also had a brief stint as the vocalist for Lillian Axe. He was also the lead singer of progressive rock band Presto Ballet. In October 2011 Munroe joined the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, as a vocalist.